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Council Utility Management

HiltWais Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a Council Utilities Management company operating in the industry for over 20 years.

20 Years' Experience

Quick response rate

Detailed solution options

Exceptional success rate

Reliable honest team

What we do

HiltWais deals with all Municipalities specializing in the City of Johannesburg matters pertaining to:

Tariff corrections

Tariff changes

Opening and Closing accounts

Payment allocations

Payment arrangements

Outdoor signage approvals

Implementing actual readings

Electricity or water meter installations


Rates or Valuation corrections

Credit transfers

Clearance figures

Town Planning

HiltWais has a detailed understanding of tariffs, billing processes, payment arrangements, reconnection procedures, refunds and utility meters.

HiltWais investigates accounts on our client’s behalf to ensure the correctness of the billing.

We assist Bodies Corporate, Homeowners Associations, Share Blocks, Retirement Schemes, Residential Developments, Businesses, Retail Centres, Commercial Properties and Property Developers.


20 Years of Experience

If we have learnt anything in all our years of dealing with the various Municipalities within Gauteng, it’s that when it comes to getting things done in the Municipalities, it’s about following the correct processes, procedures and protocols as set out by the various Municipalities.

After twenty years of dealing with various Municipalities working on behalf of our clients who commission us to sort out their utility bills, we understand what it takes to effect the resolution of Municipal Accounts, which has made HiltWais one of the most successful utilities management companies in Gauteng.

HiltWais will take an account query and follow it step by step through the process, culminating in the resolution of any query, in the shortest timeframe, in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

We have an impeccable track record of 100% success on work undertaken.

Why Choose Us?


20 years experience in the industry


Effective and efficient resolution time


Detailed solution options


Exemplary work ethic


Competitive fee structure


100% success rate on work undertaken


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Head Office:

First Floor, Wrigley Field, The Campus, Corner of Sloane Street and Main Road, Bryanston, Gauteng


Western Cape

Hilton Waisman (Director)

Cellular Contact: 082 372 2220

Office: 011 584 8464

E-mail Address: Hilton@HiltWais.com

Richard Bees (Utilities Manager)   

Cellular Contact: 073 135 3365

Office: 011 584 8349

E-mail Address: Richardb@HiltWais.com

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